Loading ramps

Mobile ramp

A mobile ramp as a type of loading equipment is regularly used at warehouses for loading / unloading of trucks with a forklift.

Custom mobile ramp

Besides manufacturing standard mobile loading ramps, our company produces portable loading ramps with customer-specific parameters.

Fixed ramp (without horizontal platform)

This fixed ramp is used for docking with the ground. It allows the forklift to access the warehouse.

Fixed dock ramp (with horizontal platform)

Fixed loading dock ramps with horizontal boards help to align the forklift’s position when entering a truck.

Loading ramp (type Warehouse-Ground)

The Van Docking Ramp AUSBAU-DG (type “Warehouse-Ground”) is used for loading operations on the warehouse territory.

Ramp for vans

The AUSBAU-VR stationary yard ramp is the most optimal choice of a stationary loading yard ramp for loading light vehicles.

Loading platform

Loading platforms can significantly increase the efficiency of loading operations in a warehouse.

Used mobile ramps

A used ramp AUSBAU performs the same functions as a new one but also helps to significantly optimize the company’s costs.

Rent a mobile ramp

At the moment, the mobile ramp rental service is available only to customers in Poland.

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