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Mobile ramps

Our company is a manufacturer of AUSBAU loading and warehouse equipment as well as forklift attachments, since we firmly believe that high-quality loading equipment can significantly optimize and increase the efficiency of logistics processes in warehouses.

The quality of our products meets the latest European Union Standards, as evidenced by many years of cooperation with world-famous companies. We supply our equipment to over 35 countries of the world.

Our motto is “We serve your needs” and we are really ready to solve all your problems concerning warehouse logistics.

Loading ramps AUSBAU

The wide range of AUSBAU products helps to solve a wide variety of tasks related to the loading and unloading of goods in warehouses. AUSBAU mobile ramps and fixed loading ramps are used for loading trucks, semi-trailers, light commercial vehicles and containers.

Loading ramps are particularly popular with the buyers of AUSBAU products, as using a mobile ramp for loading and unloading lets our clients save time and resources.

We produce series of standard mobile ramps. Mobile ramps AUSBAU are particularly reliable and can withstand loads of 6, 8, 10, 12 and more tons, depending on the model chosen.

Moreover, you can install the AUSBAU loading dock ramp with or without a horizontal board to handle loads at your warehouse. Such loading ramp is essential for regular loading and unloading warehouse operations.

In addition to standard models of loading ramps, we are always ready to manufacture equipment as per customer order with the individual parameters defined by the client.

We provide a full range of services such as consulting, designing, manufacturing, assembly, delivery and maintenance of AUSBAU equipment.

Advantages of AUSBAU products:

We highlighted the main advantages of our company, which will help you make the right choice:

  • long-term experience of successful cooperation with leading global companies;
  • compliance with European and international quality standards;
  • latest technologies and innovative solutions;
  • qualified specialists;
  • warranty and post-warranty service.

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