Custom mobile ramp

Considering the loading work intensity, the type of loading equipment and the total tonnage of the permissible load, we have prepared a lineup of standard AUSBAU mobile loading dock ramps feature the loadbearing capacity of 6 to 12 tons. In most cases, clients can easily find the loading ramps that perfectly solve their tasks among our equipment.

Custom mobile ramp


Technical features of AUSBAU mobile loading ramps, which can be changed according to customer’s requirements:

Load of ramp, kg Up to 50 000
Total length of the ramp, mm According to customer requirements
The total width of the ramp, mm According to customer requirements
Width of riding surface, mm According to customer requirements
Length of sloping part, mm According to customer requirements
Loading stage length, mm 300 – 400
Min. working height, mm According to customer requirements – but not less than 700 mm
Max. working height, mm According to customer requirements
Height of the handrailings, mm 180
Number of folding races, pcs 2
Number of wheels, pcs 2/4
Wheels Solid/ pneumatic / other
Material S235
Carriageway surface Grating/ lentil sheeting / other
Components Rubber wheel chocks – 2 pcs;
Tow pole – 1 pc;
Set of chains on the ramp – 7 pcs;
Manual hydraulic pump with handle – 1 pc.
Warranty 18 months


However, sometimes the customer needs a mobile loading yard ramp with individual dimensional characteristics that differ from the standard ones. Most particularly this includes the loading ramps for high lifting capacity works. In such cases, we are ready to make a custom mobile ramp. If the client needs to reinforce the ramp structure, make the riding surface wider or alter the length of the mobile loading dock ramp, our design department will solve all tasks. All that the customer has to do is provide the correct dimensions, according to which the drawings will be developed and transferred to production.

Having vast experience in the manufacture of loading ramps with individual characteristics, we are always ready to implement a project of a portable loading ramp of any complexity.

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