We buy used loading ramps of any brand!
If you no longer need your ramp and want to sell it, we will be happy to buy it back. AUSBAU is a well-known manufacturer...
Custom mobile loading ramp for a company in the Netherlands
Custom mobile loading ramps are the perfect solution for optimising your logistics processes. You choose your own loading capacity, width of the ramp and many...
Knauf Insulation bought the AUSBAU mobile loading ramp
Knauf Insulation, the world’s largest manufacturer of insulation materials, became our client.
Delivery of the ramp for agricultural technology in the Netherlands
“AV-exim” company has many years of experience in producing ramps for the agricultural sector. We are contacted by agricultural companies, both from Ukraine and from...
AUSBAU supply geography expanded to 32 countries
Every month, dozens of AUSBAU mobile and stationary ramps go to different countries of the world. We are constantly expanding the geography of deliveries of...
AUSBAU loading ramps during the COVID-19 pandemic
“Dear customer and all partners, My name is Andrii Voievodin, founder and co-owner of AV-exim company, which has 13 years of experience in manufacturing and...
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