Unusual special project of a loading ramp and platform for heavy machinery

This is not the first time that our company has manufactured loading ramps for heavy machinery, but this order can be called unique.

The Polish branch of a well-known international company that produces telescopic forklifts turned to us to find a solution for loading such equipment for further transportation. The result of our engineers’ work was a special fixed ramp and platform that can be combined into a single 19-meter structure.

loading ramp

In addition to the increased load capacity of 30 tons and modified standard dimensions, additional options also make the ramp and platform special. The HA2-WL2 option set for the loading platform consists of two pairs of telescopic legs that can be adjusted in height and wheels for local movement. The fixed ramp also has the HAWL option – one additional pair of telescopic legs with wheels. Both the loading ramp and the platform have the HR option – an additional safety railings with a height of 1100 mm.

stationary ramp

This is just one example of our professional and individual approach to customer needs. AUSBAU special loading ramps are a unique and high-quality solution that does not disappoint!

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