Fixed dock ramp AUSBAU-STB (with horizontal boards)

Fixed loading dock ramp AUSBAU-STB (with horizontal boards) is an inclined metal structure that allows the forklift to overcome the height difference between the ground level and a warehouse/truck.

Fixed dock ramps AUSBAU-STB

Such stationary dock ramp is necessary especially for warehouses with inconvenient access for large vehicles.

Due to the horizontal boards, the forklift can level its position before driving to the edge of the warehouse/truck, thereby increasing the driver’s viewing angle.

In common with the mobile ramp, a fixed loading dock ramp with horizontal boards can also be equipped with additional options.

Fixed loading dock ramp AUSBAU-STB

Technical features of the fixed loading ramps AUSBAU-STB with horizontal platform:

Load of ramp, kg6000 / 8000 / 10000
Total length of the ramp, mm10800 / 12800
The total width of the ramp, mm2120
Width of riding surface, mm2000
Length of sloping part, mm8000 / 10000
Length of horizontal part, mm2500
Length of folding races, mm1000
Loading stage length, mm300
Working height, mm1200
Height of the handrailings, mm180
Number of folding races, pcs2
Angle of slope of ramp6,89 / 8,63
Carriageway surfacegrating
Componentsset of chains on the ramp – 2 pcs.
Warranty18 months

Stationary loading ramp dimensions (standard models), mm:

AUSBAU-STB - Fixed dock ramp

#ModelLoad, kgNHCNHCFTA


Production time: 15-30 calendar days from order to delivery.
Warranty: 18 months.

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